String Gauges for the E Flat Eight string Warr Guitar tuned in Fourths, and the Ten String Warr Guitar in Fifths/Fourths

Eight String

This may seem like an obscure topic for a web page, but people keep asking me. Here is the lowdown:

These are the gauges that I use. They start out light at the top and run disproportionately heavier as you go down. This provides a gradual transition from the guitar zone into the bass zone. You will note that I lightened up on the 4 bass strings a bit, compared to what I once used.  This gives good balance across the board. I find that it gives me a good mix of playability and punch:
E flat .085
A flat .065
D flat .045
G flat .035
B .025
E .016
A .011
D .009

If I were using my 8 string in a "bass player" role in a band I would make the gauges a bit heavier on the bass end, but as it is I am playing Shona music and classical music and other solo pieces on this guitar so therefore I don't want or need a thumpy bass tone

Ten String

Since people ask me about the ten string, here are the gauges I use.  I may make these a bit heavier in the future, since I am growing comfortable with the heavy gauges that I have on my eight string instruments:
Treble 1 A .011
Treble 2 E .012
Treble 3 B .016
Treble 4 F# .025
Treble 5 C# .035
Bass 6 C .106
Bass 7 G .080
Bass 8 D .060
Bass 9 A .030
Bass 10 E .016

This page revised 6/01 - sorry about some of the sigificant typos that were here.  I hope I did not throw anybody off!

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