Joe D'Andrea
Joe is the drummer in Three Hour Detour.  He has also been the drummer in Broadside Electric since 1997.  They are Philadelphia's most famous folk band.  Ironically, when he joined them they went from being an 'acoustic' act to being an 'electric' act, even though he plays an acoustic instrument exclusively (drums).  Since the band was always called Broadside Electric, I suppose they were always anticipating his arrival.

Joe has been a drummer since his early childhood, and also plays violin and keyboards.  He and Ray began working together in the late 80's, and formed the Asbury Park-based band Torq in 1993.  It has been a wild ride since then!

He is an accomplished vocalist, and he can be heard singing lead in songs like Harley Rider and Omnichrome.  He also contributes backing vocals to almost every song, and swaps off lead vocals on some other songs.  As a singing actor, he is known for his singing in local stage productions of musicals like Chess and Snoopy.

Joe plays Tama drums, and recently got hold of a vintage Ludwig kit.  He is a fervant endordser of Evans drum heads.

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Photo: Jim Speer