"Delicate Moments of Sheer Transcendental Beauty" - The Aquarian Weekly 1/10/96

"Makes a fine Christmas Gift"- Santa Claus

Mostly Mono: Just a Tape or a Way of Life?

I have been performing with drummer Joe D'Andrea. Billing ourselves as "Ray & Joe", we have a five song demo called "Mostly Mono". This demo tape in fact does have some stereo imaging, but it is limited. For that reason, be careful if you listen to this with headphones. Your brain might twist in on itself! 

joe playing tamaŽ drums
Technical Aspects of the Recording

This tape was recorded in a very rustic setting, with all instrumental parts recorded live with no overdubs. That means that you get to hear some Chapman Stick® playing that delivers bass lines, chords and screaming guitar solos all played by one person at one time. This album represents (to my knowledge) the only example of free wheelin', noodle dancin', psychedelic rock played by a Stick® & Drum duo. In the recording process, Tech-21 products were used exclusively to get the rich, warm Stick sound onto tape. The album was Engineered by Joe and I and then mixed down by top New York sound wizard Jody Elff. Many thanks to him for giving this homespun project a professional lustre!

that instrument i play Rave Review!

The following appeared in the January 10, 1996 issue of the Aquarian Weekly, writeen by Al Muzer. The Aquarian is the leading forum for discussion of music and politics in the New Jersey area.

"RAY & JOE / Mostly Mono Chapman Stick Wizard Ray Ashley and drummer Joe D'Andrea produce a free-flowing, slightly jazzified blend of semi-(Grateful) Dead vibes; lilting pop harmonies; a Crimson-esque, space aged confusion, and delicate moments of sheer trascendental beauty on songs such as 'Asbury Nights', 'Featherfall', the humerous 'McBane' (about the Simpsons' action hero) and the jazzed, almost classical 'Code 053'."

What Are Other Players Saying?

"Wow, you guys really pull it off well! and for just 2 guys. you certainly don't need anything else" - Trey Gunn (King Crimson, Discipline Records recording artist)

"Ray's Stick technique, Joe's very 'cool' drumming and the singing of both mingle to form a style which is hovering in seriously humorous space. You've got to hear it to discover the amazing interplay and the unique songs like 'McBane', which is my favourite" - Markus Reuter, Erwitte, Germany (Warr Guitarist)

"For me it´s a great example of European rock music made by Americans (is this possible?). Nobody who heard this sound thought that it was music from the States. Are you sure that you are real Americans? Your music remindes me to the music of Fred Frith and Henry Kaiser. It is funny music and for me, that is very important. I like it." - Kuno Wagner, Brechen, Germany (Artelier Records recording artist, Warr Guitarist)

"The most sound two people can make without the use of a back-hoe" - Jim Speer, Philadelphia PA (Stick Player, member of Broadside Electric).

Sounds Great, How do I get Mine?

The tape is available at any show and purchase it for $3. Or download the digital version at rayashley.com

What's The Deal with McBane?

4 words:  "Ice to see you!!!"


Featherfall (lyrics by Paul Grzelak and Ray Ashley)

The mirror framed the shattered glass 

as shards of life went flashing past

the Featherfall, the mindless truth of it all

Welcome the reflection, the other you,

running fast and stumbling through

The Featherfall, the shameless mood recalled

Floating slowly,

drifting down

Stumbling quickly, to the ground - FEATHERFALL

Welcome the reflection, the other you

running fast and stumbling through, 

the Featherfall, insanity recalled

Asbury Nights (Ray Ashley)

Its late at night, when you reach the bar,

you're worried about the place where you parked your car,

but you've had a drink, and your min's at ease,

T-Bird's Cafe music never fails to please

Asbury Nights, Asbury Nights, Asbury Nights!

Just look beyond the bar up on the stage

That midnight band is kickin' out its rage

You're drinking more, you're having fun

You know T-Bird's Cafe is the only one

Asbury Nights, Asbury Nights, Asbury Nights! 

McBane (Ray Ashley)

Mcbane, you're one tough cop

You're out in the field, not in the shop

Mendoza's slippery, but you know the truth

When they said "you're outta here", you showed them two.

    McBane, yeah, McBane
McBane, yeah, you dance with death

You'd leave Springfield tomorrow, without regret.

But it's a city, it's a city of crime

and I know you get you're man every time.

    McBane, yeah, McBane

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