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Three Hour Detour (Ray on ADG, Helene on violin, Joe on Drums) Live at the Gagliarchives radio show 5/6/2000

1. "Harley Rider" (mono, 2.5 MB)
2. "Black Light Vision"(mono 6.2 MB)
3. "Prelude->So We Can See" (mono 5.3 MB)
4. "Tracy Station Ranch" (mono 7.3 MB)
5. "Harley Rider"  (5.6 MB)  (same performance as above, high quality stereo)

Thanks to Paul Grzelak for making these MP3 files, Broadside Electric for providing some of the web space, and and thanks to Tom Gagliardi for making the master tape available!

This MP3 Sample is from Cinema Inferno:

6. A sound snippet from the song "Nag Champa"

This is a studio recording, Ray Ashley on ADG plus Freedom Electric on drums and Jim Speer on bass clarinet.  This MP3 file appears courtesy of

All of this music is (c) 2000 Ray Ashley

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