Public Radio in New Jersey

Here in New Jersey we are fortunate to have a wide variety of radio stations that are public or college run.  These stations are mostly to the left of 92 on the dial, but there are exceptions.  As you can see, every corner of the public radio zone is filled with stations.  Some are from Pennsylvania, some from New York, and some from New Jersey.  On the AM dial, your choices are limited to AM 820 WNYC.   If you live in the center of New Jersey, you may be fortunate enough to get all of these stations on a clear night.
88.1 NJN, Trenton, (also Berlin) New Jersey Public Radio
88.3 WBGO Newark, NJ Jazz
88.5 WXPN Philadelphia, (UPENN) Ecclectic pop/rock
88.7 WRSU, Rutgers, New Brunswick, NJ mixed college format
88.9 WBZC, Burlington CC, NJ mixed college format
89.1 WWFM, West Windsor, NJ (they have several locations) Classical
89.3 NJN in Bridgeton New Jersey Public Radio
89.5 WSOU, Seton Hall University, S. Orange, NJ HEAVY METAL
89.7 WDVR Sargentsville, NJ Folk, etc.
89.9 WKCR, Columbia University, NYC Jazz, classical, free form, avante garde.
90.1 WRTI, Temple, Philadelphia Jazz
90.3 NJN in Cape May New Jersey Public Radio
90.5 WBJB, Brookdale CC, Lincroft, NJ Ecclectic pop/rock + jazz
90.7 WFUV, Fordham U., NYC Folk and other styles
90.9 WHYY, NPR Affiliate, Philadelphia NPR Talk
91.1 WFMU, Jersey City, NJ (also frequency of WWNJ in Toms River) WFMU is totally free form.  WWNJ is classical
91.3 WTSR, College of New Jersey, Trenton, NJ mixed college format
91.5 WNYE, New York City Educaitonal, Radio France Every night, late.
91.7 WLFR Pomona, NJ mixed college format
91.9 WDVR, Princeton NJ Transmitter, Also WNTI Hackettstown WDVR = Folk; WNTI = free form
93.9 WNYC New York City (also the frequency of WWFM's translator in Atlantic City) WNYC is a NPR/Classical hybrid.  WWFM is the classical network.
103.3 WPRB, Princeton University mixed college format.

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