thE otheR waY has been the Jersey Shore scene's premeire funk n' groove rock band since 1994. The original lineup consisted of Nash on rhythm guitar, Jim on lead guitar and vocals, Chris on bass and Sue on drums. The band cut its classic album "Lets Just Hang Out Here" in 1994 with this lineup.

In late 1995, Chris left on a sojurn to explore the effects of magnesia on the enzymes found in monkeys' brains. The band was briefly joined by Brother Ray, who layed down the bass lines using a strange tapping instrument from space. The scary Brother Ray era came to an end in August 1996 when the mysterious Gates took over the bass chair. His tenure would be but one gig (the highly traded "Gates of Insanity" bootleg) and the recording sessions of 1996 and 1997 that yielded the yet unreleased full length CD. Ray then returned, sometimes on bass, sometimes on that other instrument, and on one occasion, playing both.

The Other way played it's final gigs during the summer of 1997. The final concert was at The Nightingale's Bar, on 2nd Ave. in New York City. Ray Ashley played the bass guitar on this occasion, with Nash, Jim and Sue.

The Other Way (1994-1997) R.I.P.

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