Tenth Anniversary Edition!

It's finally back - and it's free!
Download these to your 'pod and set the wayback machine for the free-form sounds of the 90's!

Ray And Joe: Mostly Mono

Ray Ashley: Stick(r)/Vocals
Joe D'Andrea: Drums/Vocals

The Original Tape (Tracks 1-5, 14) + Bonus Tracks

1. Featherfall
2. Asbury Nights
3. Time Travel Experiment #1 (Slicing up the Sun)
Code 053
McBane (Live December 1995 at The Saint, Asbury Park, NJ)
Christmas Tree Farm (Live December 1995 at The Saint, Asbury Park, NJ)
Newark Express (Live December 1995 at The Saint, Asbury Park, NJ)
Asbury Nights (Live December 1995 at The Saint, Asbury Park, NJ)
10  Kill Your Television (Live December 1995 at The Saint, Asbury Park, NJ)
11  Sumeria (Live April 1996 at The Chameleon Club, Lancaster, PA)
12  Omnichrome (Live April 1997, Down To Earth Coffee House, Mount Holly, NJ)
13  Sumeria (1994 Demo, recorded in 'House of Fleas' Studios, Manalapan, NJ)
14  Newark Express (Original "bonus track" from the cassette)

Note:  These tracks are MP4's, not MP3's. If you use Quicktime, you may need version 7+ for them to play automatically. If for some reason they don't load right away you can right click to download to your hard drive and play them in i-Tunes.

Tracks 1-5, 14 recorded in Autumn 1995 at Tracy Station Studios, Englishtown, NJ.
Engineered by Ray & Joe, Mixed by Jody Elff.
Thanks to Jan-Mikael Erakare for DAT transfer assistance.

Tracks 6-10 were made from soundboard tapes.  Note:  Tracks 7-9 are meant to segue together. Thanks to Pete and Scott at The Saint for making soundboard taping possible.  Track 11 is a soundboard tape from "Stick Night 1996", organized by Steve Patterson.
Track 12 is an audience recording made by Paul Grzelak.  Thanks also to the audience at DTE for being so attentive. It was a great place to play.

All tracks digitally remastered from the original tapes by Ray Ashley, 2006.

All songs, words and music by Ray Ashley except:
     Track 1 Music by Ray Ashley, lyrics by Paul Grzelak;
     Tracks 3 and 5 music by Ray Ashley and Joe D'Andrea.

All titles are (p) and (c) 2006 Ray Ashley/Joe D'Andrea

Here is the artwork from the original J-Card

And you can view the original j-card text:

mostly mono... mostly!

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