(and cassettes too!)

You can purchase these recordings from the artist, via my friends at Clever Sheep Records, Broadside Electric.
Mostly Mono - (Smoke Detector SDCS-1001) Ray Ashley with drummer Joe D'Andrea Recorded in November 1995, available now at gigs for free if you scream the code word: "Code 53".  I also give it out at tap seminars.  I know it seems like I should not give it out, but you know, so few people even play cassettes anymore.  Maybe a CD re-issue is warranted?
Three Hour Detour - (Clever Sheep CS-2201D, 1998) The self titled effort from the band featuring Ray Ashley, Joe D'Andrea and violinist Helene Zisook - 
Cinema Inferno (Clever Sheep CS2202D, 1999) - Compact Disc Only -  Featuring the Ray Ashley and the Cinema Inferno Orchestra. 11 all new instrumentals featuring the ADG Touch-Guitar, drums of fire, woodwinds, Warr Guitar/loops, and scorching hammond organ. You'd better make sure that all the fire extinguishers in you house are charged and up to date before you pop this puppy in! 

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