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Philadelphia Stick® Night '97

Saturday December 13th, 1997 8:00 PM
The Lion Fish
Philadelphia, PA

Check Out The Poster (by Paul Mimlitsch)!

Greg Howard Greg Howard is one of the most renowned Stick players working these days. His three CD's (Stick Figures, Shapes, and Sol) have defined the genre of Stick Soloist. He will be playing solo on this occasion, in his first Philadelphia appearance since 1996.
Three Hour Tour features Stick player Ray Ashley. They are a funky, free form kind of rock band. Joe D'Andrea (drums) and Helene Zisook (electric violin), the other two members of the band, come from the folk band Broadside Electric. Ray and Joe are also known as veterans of the Asbury park music scene, and have a cassette out called Mostly Mono. Ray Ashley
Jim Speer Jim Speer (picutred here) and Paul Mimlitsch (below) play in Invasion of Time, a spacemusic band. Jim plays angular, dissonant pulsations in contrast to Paul's consonant, tribal loops. Invasion of Time recently made a stunning appearance at the Trenton Avante-Garde Festival. Jim is also known for his groundbreaking work as a folk musician Stick player. The two dueling Stick players will be accompanied by percussionist Jody Janetta.
Paul Mimlitsch is seen in this photograph experiencing cloud music. Paul Mimlitsch
Invasion of Time Invasion of Time are seen here at the Trenton Avante Garde Festival, 1997

The Lion Fish is on 614 N. 2nd Street Philadelphia. From I-95, take the exit marked Calowhill. When you get down the ramp, get on Calowhill St. going west (bear to the right), go straight until you hit a northbound street (the odd numbered ones). Take it north (right turn), until you pass Spring Garden. Go another block or two, until you can make a right turn. Go right (East) over to 2nd Street, and proceed South until you see the Lion Fish on your right. If you hit Spring Garden again, you went too far. There is ample parking in this neighborhood (215) 829-9103.

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